Seismology TowArd Research innovation with data of Earthquake Project (STAR-E Project)「New developments in space-time earthquake forecasting and monitoring: from long-term to real-time」



Yosihiko Ogata (Project Researcher, Professor Emeritus, ISM) presented "Experiments in Prediction of Crustal Activity (1) - Short-term Probability of Inland Earthquakes Prediction and Evaluation of Short-Term Probability of Inland Earthquakes" on the short-term prediction of spatiotemporal seismic activity over the last three years using various spatiotemporal ETAS models based on online source data, and the evaluation of the results of these runs at the 238th Liaison Conference on Earthquake Prediction (held on February 28, 2023). In addition, he reported on the aftershock activity of the February 6, 2023 earthquake in Turkey under the Urgent Topic Issue.